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OCT 6, 2023

Whiskey City Band

Midnite: 30

The Berkshire-based country-rock band, headed by Randy Cormier, have been drawing a faithful crowd for the past 13 years, with covers and originals that show their musical prowess. 


Cormier, an accomplished musician who’s toured with artists like Arlo Guthrie, put the band together because he saw a genre gap in the area. The lineup has changed a bit over the years, but the basic premise is the same: Whiskey City knows what a crowd wants and works hard to deliver. 


The chemistry among band mates after all these years is something to behold. The current lineup of original members: Randy Cormier, Beth Maturevich, Dale Zavatter, and Frank Algerio; Darren Todd joined them about six years ago. 


Singer Beth Maturevich, who’s also a marketing professional in the Berkshires and does most of the band’s marketing and PR, was drafted after someone texted Randy to come see her sing karaoke at a local restaurant. She's been there since the beginning. “We are such a family,” she said. “We have so much love and chemistry together onstage and I think that emanates out to the crowd.”


The group is excited to help kick off the Adams Theater’s Fall Festival on Friday, Oct. 6 at 7:30 p.m. “Adding the theater, and supporting music and this kind of opportunity, to a four-season destination like the Berkshires, is incredibly important,” Beth said. “We’re such a cultural mecca, and to see something breathing and thriving like this is quite beautiful.” 


The live music landscape in the Berkshires is different since the pandemic. According to the band, venues are few and far between for a full band experience. “The only thing we ask is that people remember to support the venues that support live music,” Beth said. “We have so many talented musicians in the Berkshires that need support to continue to present their crafts.”


The band took a break this summer to spend time with family, and they are excited to play out again. “We kind of have that ‘new band’ chemistry again after a break,” she said. “When we get together now, we’re like playful kids, doing our favorite thing with our favorite people.” 


For the Fall Festival show, expect lots of old favorites and some new songs too–including those off Randy’s most recent solo album, which the band has been having a lot of fun playing. “He’s also writing like crazy and is presenting some new stuff that’s pretty fantastic,” Beth said. 


You can also expect a strong fan base–some folks who have been coming to shows for years and years, and who have been bringing their kids, now grown up. “We really know our people,” Beth said. “Our fans are so close to us. We try to make sure we give back that much heart because of what people give to us all the time.” 

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