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Adams Theater Leading the Way in Revitalizing Downtown Adams

By Laura Mars
 // Photo by David Edgecomb

ADAMS THEATER STOOD shuttered for 11 years before Yina Moore bought it in 2021. Although it is still a work in progress, the transformation so far is impressive, and it is one of the reasons why Adams is no longer just a drive through to North Adams or Williamstown.

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Floating Tower's Performance Raises over $7k for Ukraine

JULY 7, 2023
By Jack Guerino

ADAMS — Music theater collective Floating Tower's two nights of performances at the Adams Theater raised more than $7,000 to be donated to Razom for Ukraine.
"Our community is a very caring and supportive community," said theater owner Yina Moore. "Events like this bring people together and amplify the impact to great causes."
"Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors: An Immersive Musical Homage to the Spirit of Ukraine" centers around a classic Ukrainian art film of the same name. Using the film as a starting point, composer Mátti Kovler brought together Ukrainian musicians and artists in Floating Tower who have their own immigration and refugee stories.


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