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The Adams Incubator began as a flexible event space/office at 35 Park Street in Adams. For 7 months in 2022, while the Adams Theater building was under construction, our staff and collaborators continued to engage our communities at the Incubator, hosting events such as play readings, improv workshops, artist gatherings, and construction tours.


Since then, the Adams Incubator has taken on a new definition as the Theater began to develop residency programs in addition to presenting shows.


After 3 successful residencies in 2023 (Floating Tower in July, Fern Katz & collaborators in August, and CP4P International Productions in October), the Adams Incubator is planning to create 3 to 4 residencies each year, during which artists are invited to stay in Adams for a week or more, use the Theater's physical space to develop original works that feature cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary collaborations, and to present their works at the end of the residencies to the local communities.

Please get in touch with us about residency opportunities at

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