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Tiny Glass Tavern is curating a musical feast for Adams Theater audiences this summer–and you’re invited to take a bite. On June 7, the eclectic early, folk, pop and new music ensemble will bring lots of different influences to their show at the theater–and to a community workshop beforehand, open to all levels of singers. 


Sophie Michaux, Tiny Glass Tavern’s founder and artistic director and an accomplished mezzo-soprano who has performed in operas and concerts around the country, says she wouldn’t have it any other way. “Even when I tried to specialize, I found my curiosity keeps me engaged in all kinds of music-making,” she said. “I feel like all these different styles and approaches to singing really inform each other. The magic of music can happen in a concert hall but it can also happen around your kitchen table.”


Every Tiny Glass Tavern show is unique; you might hear some early music, some sea shanties, chamber music, French Cabaret and  folk songs… “there really is something for everyone,” Michaux said. “It’s a reminder how much is out there. I hear from people who say ‘I didn’t know I liked this style’ or ‘I forgot I love klezmer music.’ Sometimes you need an ambassador to get you there.” 


During pre-concert workshops, Tiny Glass Tavern’s artists let community members experience music from within, teaching pieces by ear so the ability to read music isn’t necessary. “I want it to be open to everyone who is excited by music.” 


If you’re not a workshop person, no worries–Michaux and the other artists performing want audience members to come as they are. You don’t need any advanced knowledge of music, styles or history to enjoy what’s to come. “It’s not about shining with perfection, it’s about shining with humanity,” Michaux said. “Singing and song defies culture.” 


While Tiny Glass Tavern’s membership is revolving, Michaux and her husband, composer Adam Jacob Simon, are core members. In Adams, they’ll be joined by frequent collaborators Paul Holmes Morton, a multi instrumentalist and composer who plays everything from 17th-century lute to guitar and banjo, and Fiona Gillespie, a trained classical and folk singer, whistle player, composer, and music educator. 


Michaux lives in Conway and teaches voice at Williams College, and said she’s excited to bring Tiny Glass Tavern’s program to Adams. “All these brilliant musical minds are going to come together,” she said.

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