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Isabel Hagen at the Adams Theater - Opening Act by Charlie Nadler

June 3, 2023

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Charlie Nadler’s destiny was probably always going to be comedy. In his own artist bio, he says he owes his existence to a TV show; his parents met while writing together on Laverne & Shirley, and he and his dad, Marty, even perform a duo standup show from time to time. “The genetics were too strong,” he said. 

Now Charlie lives in Clarksburg with his wife, and when he’s not touring the country as a standup comedian, he’s booking packed local showcases that feature other touring artists as well as regional comics. He’s also the guy behind the Adams Theater’s show with Isabel Hagen on June 3. (And he’s opening!)

“I love being here, and I love doing comedy around the country, but what’s really special about this part of the world is people don’t take fun things for granted here,” he said. “My philosophy around it is you have to have a really great product and treat everyone really well, so everyone has a great experience. If you do that, you can organically build something special.” 

“With a 350-seat theater, you can really bring known people to this place and introduce them to the community,” he said about the June 3 show. “I’m excited to perform in the space and introduce North County to Isabel Hagen.” 

In 10+ years of performing standup, Charlie has released two albums and told jokes around the world in clubs, colleges, festivals, bars, country clubs, teen centers, basements, attics, and one barber shop. He also develops projects for film and television and is co-founder of, a startup that produces virtual comedy shows with a twist; he and his co-founder, Kiar Holland, participated in EforAll Berkshires’ business accelerator in 2020.


“What’s fantastic about this place is there’s a very strong community of people who have been here for generations, and then there’s also a lot of younger people who are moving here…I think there’s a lot of existing infrastructure that lends itself really well to the arts,” he said.

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