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Christopher Beaulieu

Production Stage Manager

at The Adams Theater

Originally from Williamstown, Christopher reflected on his upbringing in the Berkshires as “easy to become a theater kid.” The abundance of performing arts programs from The Williamstown Theater Festival and Shakespeare & Company made a lasting impact on him.


“Shakespeare was my first love,” he said. “Stage combat training in NYC opened many doors and Red Nose Clowning opened up my world as an educator and performer. But community building has always been at the center of everything I do,” he said.


As someone who wants to create a space of welcome and inclusivity, Christopher has been building communities all over the world. At 21, he became the artistic director at Rotations Theatre in Remscheid, Germany, where he learned valuable lessons in leadership, organizing, and community building with different cultures. Later, he returned to the U.S. to  spearhead new education outreach initiatives at Raleigh Little Theatre.


After graduating from the Dell Arte International physical theatre program in Northern California, he started his own organization,  Creatively Independent. There he focused on teaching ensemble building and physical theatre as well as season planning, artist recruitment, and managing tours across the U.S. East Coast and Europe. “That work became a bridge out of performing and creating theater and into the exploration of play,” Christopher said.


He’s brought his clowning and theater expertise to classrooms for two decades, helping bring play as a mindset and its development benefits to thousands of students. “I define play, informed by the science behind it, as to do or be without needing a pre-prescribed outcome,” he said. This new understanding of play helps people develop a Play Mindset, which allows them to step into their fullest potential in order to sustain healthy communities.


That concept is also valuable for educators. Christopher has continued his arts work as co-founder of B4 the Other Creations, an arts education organization that integrates Play Mindset as a vehicle for professional development in social-emotional learning, leadership, and community building. “B4 believes that play is the process of becoming and therefore isn’t solely for the artist but anyone who wants to engage in a creative process,” he said. 

Christopher is also a frequent guest artist at area schools, particularly in the Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter School’s theater program. He moved back to Clarksburg in 2022 so his kids could enjoy the same small, supportive community vibe he grew up with.


It was proximity to BART that led Christopher to the Adams Theater–he had been rehearsing at the school, decided to get a coffee downtown, and found the theater’s door open. Founder Yina Moore happened to be there, and they kept in contact. He’s watched the theater transform and said he’s excited about seeing this kind of grassroots-level collaboration continue. “It’s unique, it’s tangible, it’s welcoming,” he said. “I’ll be really interested to see how it blooms and really grateful to be a part of this community.” 

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